About the Author and Blog.

My name is Kayla Marie. In the past I’ve had several different blogs revolving around my struggles with various addictions, traumas, an eating disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. My most recent blog was bpdblues Running From Madness. Its main focus was me understanding life with Borderline Personality Disorder and seeking treatment. Eventually after much time and thought I’ve decided to create a follow up blog that focuses on the aftermath. The after math revolves around on-going treatment, recovery, relapses, steps backs and personal growth along with struggles of daily life that we all face as we continue our steps towards healing. This is me picking up the pieces to myself and creating someone new. Piece by piece this is me learning to mend myself.

*Please note this blog possesses sensitive material that may be triggering for viewers and is not appropriate for children’s eyes . Certain behaviors mentioned throughout entries are to be considered as reckless, impulsive/dangerous; they are not condoned and I strongly advise not repeating them. Along with this please note I can not offer professional help/guidance because I am not in any sort of way a doctor or therapist. However, in the “Contact” page you can find several numbers/hotlines to contact if need be.

**There is some material on this blog that is not mine. For example: photos unless otherwise specified do not belong to me. Certain material such as quotes or any form of poetry will be rightfully credited to its owner as well.
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